Milk Thistle 80% Silymarin

Milk Thistle 80% Silymarin


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80% Silymarin is an all-natural supplement made from the extract of the milk thistle plant. It contains a powerful antioxidant – silybin – that helps protect your liver from toxins and other damage. It also helps to support healthy liver function, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion. With its natural ingredients, it is safe and easy to use, and can offer a wide range of benefits for overall health.


Are you looking for a natural and effective way to support your liver’s health? Look no further than Milk Thistle! With 80% Silymarin, Milk Thistle has been used for centuries to promote liver support and is backed by modern science. Silymarin helps protect the liver from toxins, supports the repair of liver cells, and can help enhance the immune system. Milk Thistle is an effective and natural way to cleanse the liver and boost your overall health.


At Milk Thistle, we are proud to provide you with the highest quality product. Our Milk Thistle is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, ensuring the most effective and safe supplement available. With our top-notch standards, you can trust that our Milk Thistle is free of contaminants that would otherwise decrease its potency and effectiveness.


With Milk Thistle in your daily routine, you’ll soon see and feel the difference. With just two capsules a day, you can restore your liver’s natural glow and get back on track to having vibrant health and long-term wellness. Give your liver the support it needs and try Milk Thistle today!

Certifications - Chemist (IKM)

Did you know Certifications, Specifications and Chemical Analysis are ONLY issued by a Board Registered Chemist (IKM)?

You unknowingly could be engaging in an offense that could result in imprisonment or fines.

The requirement under Malaysian law, The Chemist Act 1975 (Act 158), all chemical analyses must be done by a certified Chemist recognized by IKM.

At Its Specifications are issued and crosschecked by IKM Certified Chemist (IKM: M/6082/9735/22).

Any person who contravenes subsection (1) or (2) commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding ten thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to both and, for the second and subsequent offence, to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or two both.


Holding out as registered chemist and restrictions pertaining to chemical analysis

    1. No person who is not registered under this Act shall—
      1. practise or hold himself out as a registered chemist or as a person of any other like description;
      2. advertise by any means or in any manner as being engaged in practice as a registered chemist; or
      3. adopt, use or exhibit the term “registered chemist” or its equivalent in any other language or any other term of like description in such circumstances as to indicate or to be likely to lead persons to infer that he is a registered chemist.
    2. No person shall give or provide in a determinative capacity, or certify or declare in writing the result of, any chemical analysis for the purpose of determining the composition or specifications of any substance or product consumed or used by, or intended for the consumption or use of, the public or any section thereof, unless—

Unless otherwise specified, all product will include a basic specification sheet.

Requirements for supporting documents such as Halal and NPRA, MAL (Supplement), OTC registration will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

How to Get Specifications?

Upon successful payment of the product, you can access the specifications in the download area when you click your profile or on every product page.